Where Is Canada Drug Center?

Where Is Canada Drug Center?

Have you been searching for Canada Drug Center online with no luck?

Many Americans were disappointed to learn that Canada Drug Center closed in 2018. Millions of Americans who had once relied on affordable, life-saving medications are now stuck wondering what to do. Fortunately, there are other legitimate Canada drug websites out there.

No one is exactly sure why Canada Drug Center closed. But, if you had called them this time last year, they would have redirected you to other trustworthy online sources.

Where should I go now?

Patients in need can still buy international and Canadian drugs from reliable websites such as:

Here’s why we recommend these two Canadian pharmacy referral services:

1. Price and Service

We analyzed a few online pharmacy services and decided that Canada Med Pharmacy and Canadian Med Center were the best.

You may be able to find your medication for $5 less somewhere else, but you may also find reviews complaining about shipping delays, lost packages, and bad customer service. When you take this into account, Canadian Med Center and Canada Med Pharmacy offer the best bang for your buck.

2. Product Quality and Safety

If you have safety concerns about buying medication online, your concerns are valid. Here are some facts we discovered about Canadian Med Center and Canada Med Pharmacy that strengthened our trust:

  • Medications ship only from licensed pharmacies and fulfillment centers
  • CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) certification
  • Requirement for a valid, signed prescription
  • Supply limit: these websites only sell a maximum 90-day supply of medication
  • Controlled substances (ie. aprazolam/XANAX®, oxycodone/OxyContin®, methylphnidate/Ritalin) are not sold
  • A qualified pharmacist is available for patient counseling
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality and privacy standards

If your doctor has questions, both Canadian Med Center and Canada Med Pharmacy suggest asking them to contact the company directly.

3. Customer Service

We called a few online pharmacies and found that most offered good service and hours. Some pharmacies asked us to leave a message, which is a little odd for a business to do during regular business hours.

Canadian Med Center had a long wait time, but Canada Med Pharmacy was a little faster. Both services are open until 10:00 PM on weekdays and are open on weekends as well.


We looked at both positive and negative reviews of Canada Med Pharmacy and Canadian Med Center. Here’s what we found:

Reviews for Canada Med Pharmacy

“I would like to commend the Canada med pharmacy for the outstanding service I have received from them I spoke with a representative today on an order and could not have been treated any better and understood any better than what she did I think the Medical pharmacies the world over could take a lesson from this company and their standards thanking you much Canada medical pharmacies . Don W.”

Don (5 stars)

“You are great still takes a long time to get the meds, but i understand..”

Ted (3 stars)

Reviews for Canadian Med Center

“I am completely satisfied with the savings and the easy ordering for my prescriptions. I will recommend The Canadianmedcenter to anyone who has not tried them. They always remind me when it’s time to reorder and contact my doctor for prescription renewals, very convenient!”

Benny (5 stars)

“Their customer service is friendly and helpful but the time from order to shipment is slow. I had an order never get shipped and this wasn’t rectified until 60 days later. They did make it right by shipping the order in question at no charge. Overall this service is reasonable but make sure you reorder well before your RX is in need of refill.”

Kay (3 stars)

Want to learn more?

Where do Canada drug websites source their medications?

Pharmacy referral services like the ones mentioned above source their drugs from licensed Canadian and international pharmacies. As a patient, you can specifically request where your medication comes from. Interested readers can also refer to this paper for the results of a study that tested the quality of drugs sourced from the internet.

Why are the Canadian pharmacy meds so much cheaper?

Sometimes, Canadian drug prices can seem too good to be true. This is because the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) holds strict regulations over drug prices to ensure they don’t get too expensive. There is no American equivalent to something similar at this time.

How much can I save?

After hunting high and low for the cheapest pharmacy to fill prescriptions, you may be happy to know that Canadian pharmacies can offer drugs with prices up to 50-80% lower than in the United States.

We care about your safety.

Sometimes, a website may look legitimate and even have “Canada” in its name. These websites may be “rogue pharmacies.” Rogue pharmacies may have characteristics like the following:

  • Not require a prescription
  • Many have a .ru domain
  • Rogue sites include: American Pharmacy, Canadian Discounted Pharmacy, Canadian Drugstore, Canadian Family Pharmacy, Viagra Brand Online Store, Sky Pharmacy

When dealing with rogue sites, take extra steps to protect your personal information.

We care about your health.

Affordable, mail-order medication is not only convenient, it can be a lifesaver for vulnerable parts of our population. Seniors, low-income patients, patients with disabilities, patients with chronic illnesses, and other demographics with mobility issues can benefit greatly from reputable Canadian online pharmacy referral services. If you or a loved one struggle to afford medication, order affordable medications today and breathe easier.

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